Friday, December 21, 2012

so it's been a while

YES we are alive!! Ok, so life has been pretty crazy and hectic and honestly I wasn't even sure if anyone would notice my drop-off from the blogosphere... but I thank you my dear friends and readers who have sent me emails, messages, or just called and said "write more about your beautiful and crazy tribe" And honestly, I really appreciated it because your encouragement or prayers sparked my desire to share our family's life again. So thank you! I wasn't really sure where to go with it... until today.

Why? Well at this moment, I have three sleeping boys and an almost sleeping daughter, so I clicked some links and found this INCREDIBLE short video about adoption. As many of you might know, or maybe you don't know, SuperHubby and I are truly open to God's love through having a large family. And while we are constantly growing with our tribe, lots of news to follow, we also look at how God can multiply our love through other outlets like family volunteering, quality time with each child, and hey even the possibility of adoption :)

So without any further anticipation, I encourage you to watch this short video and then spread it to the world!!! Facebook it, tweet it, email your family and friends, everything you can to share this awesome family's video.

Since i don't know how to use this new blog set up stuff... go here I promise it's not some weird site. it's so incredible.. and once SuperHubby comes home, maybe I can get him to fix this :)

Happy Advent!!

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