Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The day before T's baptism, SuperHubby and I found out some news...I wasn't feeling so good for a few days...so we prayed about it...and found that God has a spectacular adventure for us:
YEA! Yes, we are expecting! Now that we are outnumbered, we find a lot of joys and a lot of special graces as we prepare for our third in three years.
I recently read from Jason Evert that couples who practice NFP are more likely to find a pregnancy as a blessing instead of a burden/source of anxiety or stress. Being practicing NFPin' Catholics, I would highly AGREE with this statement! Although, I will say that knowing that I'll need a third arm to hold all three blessings will be a somewhat difficult task; but we're more than up to the adventure! Tomorrow is my first prenatal appointment, so please pray for us!


  1. Gosh Kym I am super happy for you, P, B and T!!!! :) Cant wait to see the next gorgeous baby! :) Love ya!---Ashley

  2. Congratulations! Thats awesome!