Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Priest, prophet, and king...

So something special happened last week, on February 7th, our little guy T was brought into the Church! It was the cutest sacrament ever! Although T does not like water in any shape or form, he did NOT cry during the baptism... in fact, he was very attentive (see pic to the right). He stood pretty solomnly preparing for what Father David was speaking about the importance of T's parents showing him the most important gift: Love.
Now some people may ask, "Kym, T is 6 months old, why did you wait so long?" Well, a few reasons... A. we really wanted our son to be baptized in a really great spiritual Liturgical readings of Mass. Something that spoke to us, and hopefully him about future vocations. Although, we are fully supportive of any vocation, whether it be priesthood, married, deaconate, missions, we really want to make sure our son (and other children) are surrounded by our faith... the readings for that week was on being "Fishers of Men"...HOW perfect!!!
B. Since our son was born in the Year of the Priests, we really wanted him to be surrounded by solid Catholic role models; hence working with his Godfather, Brother Peter (yes an amazing monk friend of ours) and his Godmother, GreatGrandma Ellie was important since neither live close to us.
But it was a wonderful event, with close family and friends there celebrating our son's entrance into the Catholic Church. We pray that God leads him towards our faith, that T finds love and hope in the faith his parents have brought him to grow up in. And we pray his Godparents will be able to continue the tradition of faith as witnesses to our son as he grows, struggles, challenges, and learns to lean into our faith.
T seemed to really like the whole sacramental ceremony! Great Grandma Ellie found Hubby's baptismal gown, so of course T wore it! He was a bit snug in it, but he was still very dashing! It was great to see Brother Peter and have a great priest like Father David present as well. We love Great Grandma Ellie for making the cute Lamb cake for the party afterwards that she worked so hard to help with too! It was a sweet little celebration to welcome such an adorable young boy into our Church!

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