Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Patience of an 18 month-old

Our day at home is pretty structured for an 18 month-old. It's easier for her to know what we're doing and she seems to like knowing that she will get food and certain activities each day (we might have 1 or 2 meltdowns a week because it's so formed in her as to what we do when it's a home day. Wake up ("mooooooommeeeeeeey! Daddddddyyyyyyy"), breakfast ("Mo, Mo, Mo" we think it means more food), morning stretches/dance time (YMCA classic, Ice Cream and Cake song and we sing Arms Up Chilly Chilly!), reading or play time/coloring/tent making (always incorperating learning :), lunch with Daddy (then he leaves and we run to the sliding glass door to wave him goodbye!), diaper change, nap, diaper change, snack, play with Teigan, wait for Daddy to come home to play!
Sometimes that time to wait for Daddy only takes a few minutes. BumbleBee realizes it's about time for Daddy to come home and she asks, "Daddddeeeey??" as she points to the window. But normally SuperHubby comes before she can realize it's close to 5. Then one day last week, SuperHubby had to work later (5:30 latest), but that 45 minutes was terribly long to our daughter. As pictures show, (this was a true BumbleBee design), my daughter scooted her two table chairs to the window, propped Lucy Doll on a pillow and snagged a pillow for her own back. She had also grabbed a blanket and her puppy and tiger animals to wait and sat pretty patiently waiting for her best friend, Daddy, to come home so she may continue to play. It just reminds me how blessed we are to have such a patient daughter at such a young age. It was cute, and now she makes a plan to grab her chairs and Lucy doll right after her nap, sets up Lucy Doll, and then goes and plays until she gets tired enough to wait for her Daddy.

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