Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unfailing Love

Well the past few weeks, my life has been consumed with morning sickness, running around with
my adorable two babies, and preparing for the my parish's 1st Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) retreat. It was this past weekend, and with 21 participants and 15 leaders from a nearby parish, it was phenomenal!! It had been a long drought of time since I had been a participant of a retreat (I think it's been over 4 years now). It was so great to be able to take a weekend to reflect, revive, and renew my faith journey with other women. I will say it was difficult to leave behind my two babies with my Super Hubby, but it was such a rewarding experience to be able to grow with my community. We created a sisterhood this weekend... a little hard to believe since it was less than 36 hours we were together; but thankfully CRHP does a great job meeting only a few days after the retreat experience.
As for my children, well I came home to a clean office, dishes washed, AND both children bathed (which is quite the challenge for Super Hubby who only has one hand to use).
With the retreat, God was able to speak to me (and I was able to listen this time) to His call for me in this faith community. It was nice to be reassured that I am not alone on this journey towards heaven. The better lessons of the retreat for myself was that I shouldn't compare my insides to other's outsides; everyone is broken and can be repaired through Christ's love; and that women can be AMAZING witnesses to God's love to one another. It was quite the experience, and my suggestion to anyone out there is: if your parish has CRHP Retreats available, go to one! Just try it, without reservations and if you have a few, that's ok too...still go! If your parish does not have CRHP available, please contact me and maybe we can get it going at your parish as well.

Alright well, God Bless!

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