Friday, October 8, 2010

The Soon-to-Be Big Brother

My little T-man has a great deal of energy. We consider it quite the blessing since his big sister LOVES to run around with him and it wears both kiddos out for a good nap in the afternoons :)
But as we anxiously await the arrival of our newest baby blessing- a boy- I realize that these are the last days of T-man being my sole "baby boy"... he continues to grow like a little sprout, and every time I blink he's into something new. He gives us many humorous moments each day, and he actually loves to share with his sister... with the stipulation that the object will be returned to him quickly... one of the cutest new features about him are his little "wings" of hair... they are completely natural and show up right behind his ears. I'm hoping they continue to grow out :) Enjoy
See the wing?
Close up! Hi there Blue Eyes!

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