Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SJU Homecoming

Last week my doctor told me to stay pretty close to the hospital, just in case I went into labor quickly... which is the hope, right? That being said, I was thoroughly sad to find out I wouldn't be able to go with my teens to a huge teen mass down in the cities area. This being said, my Super Hubby came up with a GREAT plan to go to the SJU Homecoming Game and Alumni weekend. This being the plan, I knew I'd have to pull all the stops to get my little "team" all suited up for the game.
In prepping for this momentous occasion (it was T-man's first Johnnie football game), I found my old St. John's jerseys! PERFECT! Check out the cute pics!

Our little matching Johnnie Fans!

Then I found some pom-poms :) BumbleBee LOVED them!

T-man at the game... he's ready for some FOOTBALL!Daddy lifting up T-man so he can see! T LOVED cheering for the Johnnies!
So after we went to the game for a while, we decided it was time to try to induce some labor :) So we went with our great friends, Auntie EBs and Auntie SG for a walk around to the Stella Maris Chapel... it's only a 2 to 3 mile HIKE through forest with logs, twigs, leaves, and lots of rocks. BUT it was GREAT! And while it did help stir up some contractions... our little Blessing still did not want to come out on this great fall day...

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