Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

As the season continues with strong force (and faith :), our little family is gearing up for our first Christmas "brag" letter. Granted, I don't think it's too braggy, but it is super cute! We incorporated each of our children and their bubbly personalities with a GREAT photo "film strip" instead of the regular family photo card. Think of going to a mall, and being in one of those photo booths and you get the strip of pics after? Yup that's what we were going for :) PLUS it's small enough to fit in a wallet/purse yet the pics are big enough so that you can actually see the kids faces ;)
So how did I do it? Let's just say... a lot of patience, stuffed animals to occupy hands, and a blue sheet that I used as a backdrop :)

Hope our family and friends enjoy them :) Let me know if you'd like an update letter/photo :)

Below are some fun "practice shots"
He LOVES animals!!
She is just a little model!

Sharing their animals

On the time out chair... but as a prop :)

BAM! PERFECT SHOT of the timples,
granted I do note that there's a little too much lighting on it.... next time :)

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