Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Unforunately, this post is one without pictures of Christmas. As I was uploading my pictures, I found out that someone had accidentally erased ALL my Christmas pictures, and left me with a few pictures of feet, the ground or the ceiling...which leads me to believe it was my beautiful BumbleBee who wanted to be just like her mommy and capture the moments with mommy's camera. :) Gotta love it! Actually it's quite sad since I had taken some ADORABLE pics over Christmas...

But back to Christmas! I will say that there was a chance we were going to be snowed in due to the "Snow-nami" that came by Thursday afternoon through Friday morning... however SuperHubby being so committed to the holiday spirit made sure we were able to get out of the driveway and street. After five hours of driving, we made it to Fargo for the family Christmas Eve, full of yummy foods Grandma Ellie made everyone, and lots of present opening that followed. The mounds of presents were overwhelming, and even though the family agreed on drawing names for one gift per person, it seems everyone's generosity was overflowing! BumbleBee, Tiger, and Monkey received so many beautiful presents! Between LOTS of art supplies, fun Little People sets-Noah and the Christmas Navity, and even rosaries, our children were truly blessed with lots of wonderful things!

We love our family so much and are so glad to have them.

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