Thursday, January 27, 2011


Crazy-ness has ensued in my life the past few weeks, between preparing for the CRHP retreat in Feb., the National March for Life for the archdiocese this past week, two confirmation retreats in March, then a so I apologize for the lack of blog entries.... so I'll try to catch up in life....

*The picture to the right is of my little curious daughter; recently, she was able to grab a couple of chocolate chips while Mommy was changing Monkey's diaper... the evidence was all her over face. I couldn't help but laugh...

* She LOVES to color and work on some great crafts... but more on that later...

* He wears his sunglasses every where... mad scientist or super hero hiding his identity? Not sure...
* Recently this little man has sprouted up 3 new teeth and has become very vocal about his life, which is wonderful!
* Tiger LOVES to run around the house and burning energy with dancing from Veggie Tale songs.

My Monkey
* At 3 months old already, his wonderful personality lights up the room!
* He LOVES to smile, giggle, and now blow bubbles with his cute little mouth
* This little man also really enjoys trying to hold himself up in a standing position while Mommy or Daddy holds his sides... can you believe he's already trying to be a little man??
* His tummy time is going great, he loves to roll onto his back when on his tummy, with little smiles after this big accomplishment!

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