Monday, May 9, 2011

Back from a loooong drought

We have been a busy bunch in the past few months. Having time to type at all has not been on the front burner... we've had two wonderful C.R.H.P. retreats, two confirmation retreats with over 100 youth, a mother-daughter fashion show, and a father-daughter dignity ball to put on for our parish as well! Plus there was Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter packed in there too! It has been a busy few months!
But now we are in the full swing of Spring and Easter timies! Finally seeing green grass, hearing birps chirping, feeling the warm sun, it finally feels like spring in Minnesota! We can play soccer, basketball, attempt to grow gardens too!
Between these months, we have had constantly growing toddlers, and a baby who wishes he was big enough to play with his big brother and big sister. I'm trying to enjoy every second with these little faces as I watch them grow before my eyes! I can't believe my two and a half year old is speaking sentences, singing songs, and being a good little leader for her brothers to follow. Meanwhile, there's a wonderful little one and a half year old who is running around, dancing in little circles, and singing his heart out! I can't believe how incredibly blessed we are to have three healthy, beautiful children. Well now that it's setttled down on our home front, I can pick back up on the tales of the busy Catholic home!

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