Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer Time Fun

Over the past few months, our little household had many exciting adventures. Celebrating our toddlers birthdays, watching the curiousity and growth of our youngest son, dancing around in bedrooms, having family visit us, a mini vacation to visit family, plus the exciting news of a new blessing of a baby (due on Easter of 2012), it has been a crazy summer to say the least.
I must have been crazy for dreaming of a nice, calm and relaxing summer with three children under 3 years-old. However, the blessings of this summer included watching Bumblebee and T-man grow in their sibling-friendship, and then seeing them include their little Monkey brother in all the fun. As B says on a daily basis, "Mommy, I love my best friends!" It's such a wonderful thing to witness, to be able to watch siblings share and give each other hugs on a daily basis.
But as much fun as I got to view under my roof, I will try my hardest to post photos and stories up that happened these past few months! So have fun reading on!!

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