Monday, April 30, 2012

My one month old!

He is the most expressive newborn we have had yet.
Make time stop! He is already a month old, and it is getting to that time where his newborn adorable outfits are getting snug. Thus far, we have been super blest with this little guy. He sleeps six hours straight, has not mixed his nights and days...yet. He only cries when hungry or dirty. Sadly, he has had thrush, but thankfully medicine has helped tremendously! Blaisey  Bear is loved by all his siblings and he is very protected by each of them. In fact, we can see their relationships already blooming in their own ways. Between Bumblebee's sweet nature of holding Bear's  paci to his mouth, or Tman's constant watch over Bear in his swing, and then Monkey's overjoyed willingness to share all toys with his first little brother, we are so excited to see their love for Bear.

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