Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Blaise Adventure

   We are thrilled to announce the birth of our son, Blaise Edward Allex! Last Friday, March 30. At 6:30 a.m., Super Hubby and I went to the hospital so I could be induced. Our kiddos were very excited to spend quality time with Great-grandma Ellie and Great-grandpa Ed, and we are so thankful for them coming to help us during this time.
    When we arrived, the nurses were able to poke the nasty I.V. in me without causing a panic attack for me. My doctor came to do a cervical check (3 cm) and hey! My water broke instantly! So we thought we would go an hour without pitocin to see if my natural contractions would progress...yea right, have I mentioned my womb takes my newborns hostage??
     Anyways, after an hour of walking the halls and lots of lunges, we got the pitocin started.  Walking, talking and spending quality time with Super Hubby and being visited by a priest for confession (you know to be spiritually solid for the delivery) was the rest of the morning.
      At noon I was checked again, 3.5 cm. Are you kidding me?!? More walking, tub time, and even an African tribal squat I picked up online.  The contractions were getting "stronger", and set in every three minutes, but nothing too horrible. My nurses were always suprised to come check on me with a smile on my face.
   At 3:30, my amazing mother-in-law/birthing coach/prayer warrior arrived, which clicked to my body it was a good time to get going...or so I thought. The nurses came and prepped the medical table, you never know when he could come they said..
      Then my fantastic doctor arrived at 4:30 to do a check and go hang in the dr. lounge. To my astonishment, I was only 4.5 cm at 4:30!! My dr said that his head was not in the right position, he was posterior hanging out and sucking his thumb. Gah!! Ok so another long walk we go, this time my hips puttin on a ton of pressure, but with Super Hubby pushing them together as contractions came it was still manageable. Got back to the room to sit n roll on the cool birthing ball and after twp contractions my body was yearning for the tub. So off to sit in the tub for what I thought would be an all-nighter.
    Through the contractions, Super Hubby would find some way to distract me, until at 5:45 p.m. when I thought, "My Lord, I am,not going to be able to take any more of this back labor pain!" So I asked for the nurse to check me; maybe there would be some progress like a 6.... And I felt like I needed to push, but there way no way I was there yet, at least I thought anyway.
   Well the nurse came in, drained the water (NO!!!!!!!!), checked me and BOOM! 9.5 cm! While I was bearing down a contraction,  nurse #1 asks if I can move to the bed... Umm, does she see what is happening here?? Meanwhile nurse #2 is a deer in the headlights and frozen so Super Hubby tells her go and get the dr...Super Hubby uses his Hulk-like powers and scoops me outta the tub and onto the bed... 6:00 p.m.
"he's crowning!!!" The nurse cries.    
    No time to strip the bed or grab the stirrups, nope not this baby. Nurse #2 pushes the emergency button, my dr races into the room. Contraction, push....... His head is out! One more push they tell me... But I can't, there's nothing for me to barr down on. And his arm is stuck... Dr manuevers quickly, and a push and there pops out our Blaise at 6:05 p.m. He was a perfect 8 pounds 3 oz, and 20 inches long. Adorable!!

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