Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Easter trip to Fargo

This year, we were able to go to Fargo to see the in-laws and family... it was actually quite the weekend!! With 17 people in one house, it was very busy and never a dull moment... to say the least!

We left Thursday night so that on Friday morning we could all go to an abortion mill in downtown Fargo to pray the stations of the cross with the Diocese of Fargo's Bishop and other Catholics in the area. The picture is when we were across the street... there really seemed to be a good turn out for the stations! Standing so close to a building that claims it will give women their futures back, with my daughter in my arms... all I could do was cry softly. If only they could meet their child before they made their "choice"... It was a very somber Good Friday.

Although this prayer service was challenging... we left with lifted hearts as we drove to David's Bridal to find a cute flower girl dresses for our niece and our daughter for my Sister-In-Law's wedding that is coming up in late July. When we arrived, both Super Hubby and I were shocked to find that some flower girl dresses for 2 year-olds were over $100!!! WHAT?!?! Super Hubby and I were blown away to think of our daughter, who is a princess in our eyes, in such an expensive dress!! Even with Great Grandma Ellie offering to pay for this beautiful gown (as seen on our daughter to the right), both Super Hubby and I needed to go and pray about this material object... the questions that buzzed through our hearts included: is it alright to buy such an expensive dress when the money could do so much good in other means? Is it wrong for us to accept or deny a gift from a loved one that is so expensive? Is a $80 dress expensive for a 2 year-old if it's for a wedding?? After a week's time of prayer, discernment, and speaking with spiritual guidance, we made a decision... but I guess you'll have to see it come late-July's post on the wedding!
Meanwhile this little man became quite the sensation at the in-law home. He loved all the attention!! This is a smile I've never seen from T the Tiger! He enjoyed crawling around, trying to figure out who Aurielle, his cousin, was since he hadn't played with her in about two months...
Saturday's Easter Vigil was quite the sensation. We were able to go to mass at the new santuary that the parish had been working on for at least 2 years. The Vigil was some 2 and a half hours long, with 9 readings, and the extended Eucharistic prayer, all starting at 8:30 p.m. BUT it was quite the amazing vigil to be at. We parked ourselves in the crying room, not that we like being set apart from the larger congregation, but we knew the babies would have a hard time since it was so close to the bedtime; and we didn't want to be a disruption from the whole Vigil. At the Vigil, our soon-to-be-brother-in-law was welcomed into the Catholic Church family!! It was very exciting to see such a site.
Easter Sunday had the Easter Bunny come to the In-Law Household...while in the morning, it left the baskets filled with Catholic movies and Catholic coloring books and even fun teething foods. Mommy crashed pretty hard with a three hourish nap due to the Easter Bunny's arrival in the house wasn't until 2:30 a.m.... so when I woke up, Great Grandma Ellie's marvelous food was all ready to eat! It was marvelous to have good food that Baby A let me enjoy by staying in my tummy! Meanwhile after dinner, it was time for the Easter Egg Hunt. Can anyone explain to me how a bunny gets eggs and hides them??? yeah... b/c I can't. But my daughter LOVED it! Each little egg had a fun Sesame Street character mold for her to play with in the car! I figure these 6 little friends can be her car toys so that we don't always grab large toys to keep her occupied in the backseat! Altogether, it was a nice trip to Fargo for another holiday break.

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