Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Wonderful Conversation

Tonight, Super Hubby and I made a phone call to Great Grandma Ellie... we have really been discerning something that has been weighing on our hearts and we felt we needed guidance from someone, so we called upon the help from someone we love dearly to see what her thoughts were to our connundrum... she gave us her wisdom and even put a new spin on it to us... It was a hearty conversation, one that at times had me tearing up in the background has my hubby chatted his opinions... but during this lively discussion and conversation, something happened.
Something that had been heavy on my heart was able to be discussed and resolved; it was beautiful and so rewarding to hear that she loves me so much... I mean I knew she loved me, I'm married to her first grandson, I birthed her first great-granddaughter, we've always been friendly towards each other...but to discuss that burden on my heart and to hear those kind words that she loves us so much and is completely willing to be here for us to support us through love and prayer.... well I just had to come and blog about how much I love this woman; to thank her publicly for all that she had done for us as a small family, for us as a couple, for me as an individual when I thought I would lose my mind... I love her so much and it was so great to hear that from her... so I thank you Grandma Ellie for that love and for sharing that with me tonight in our conversation...
OH and just for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman of God, well she is a fantastic painter! So much so that I am blessed to be an owner of her work; you see Preston and her talked about a tea pot that I was searching for through my life... and as my birthday gift, she worked for months on painting the exact tea pot in my mind and completely surprised me with it on Easter! It is so beautiful and I wanted to show off her wonderful work... so take a look! It even has a special inscribing for me on the bottom!!

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  1. Grandma Ellie is fantastic!! :) Gotta love her! :) you can definately see Christ in her :)
    God Bless,