Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Wish List

I figure I have a few weeks until Mother's Day, and since I know my hubby reads this blog sometimes, I figure what a perfect way to give a hint...and for you bloggers out there to see my style and taste in material things!

So without further waiting...here is my growing "Wish List" (and by wish, I mean I would need a falling star to wish upon OR a fairy godmother to actually get these things anytime soon!)...but it's suppose to be fun to window shop!
First up, is this ADORABLE Kitchenmaid 5 Qt. Artisan Colbalt Blue Mixer stand and stationary bowl with all the fixin's.... as I grow to love baking, I find myself in need of some sort of mixer (whether Hand mixer OR electric, but since this is a wish list...AWWWW!)

I just see me and B having fun mixing all sorts of things in the new house (when we finally own it, in two weeks!!)

Plus how cute would it be to somewhat match the blue theme I would love to have for my kitchen...

Ok so next up, the Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. I know, I know, I'm not really the Martha Stewart type ( I mean other than wearing pearls while I do the dishes, so that I can feel more feminine while I hurricane-like clean my apartment), I guess my deep hope is that this book will help me with my new home as well... especially cleaning some of the stuff I have NO IDEA how to get clean and hopefully in environmentally-friendly/child-proof/chemically-free way. I've heard some great things about this handbook from lots of friends who also have little hands in their homes...so again, it's a stretch, but it's still on the top of my wish list items!

Next up is a cute cake stand, sorta like this one... but maybe a different one is fine by me! I figure, this summer has a LOT of cakes to make (Mr. and soon-to-be-Mrs. Texas engagement party cake, 3 Allex birthdays at our new home, and countless other fun party reasons like a new housewarming party, a fun 4th of July party!) The sky is really the limit when it comes to cakes and why not just get a cute little stand that can hold a 10 inch cake? I love it! And I really love the vintage/porcelain look!

Another thing I've noticed I've needed (but maybe not this one exactly) is a sewing machine... Although, I will say I LOVE this one because it can do monogramming without any hand movement of the fabric. I absolutely love monogrammed things, especially for little girls :) So I guess that's why this one is on my wish list!

Now granted, it's a little steep in price, so to try to justify this one (although can anyone really ever justify a self-ish gift?), since our new home needs drapes/window details for each room, which has different bedroom window dimensions, I thought how perfect and amazing would it be if I could make my own drapes, napkins for my blue kitchen, and fix all my hubby's clothing that has holes in it! PLUS I could make cute new baby blankets and other cute layettes as well!

Well these are just a few of my wish list dreams... aww to dream! have a great rest of your night!

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