Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Week

Last week, we hosted a beautifully excited 7 year-old, Landon, who also happens to be Super Hubby's brother. It was an exciting and fun week, where I took all three kids to the zoo! It was quite the experience, especially since Landon really wanted to RUN everywhere... being 30 weeks pregnant, that kinda wasn't an option for the whole day. But I will say we DID run through the water towers... yes WE as in all three kids and myself! It was really great! Here are some great pics!
The boys lookin at the sharks! Yup that's right the MN zoo has an aquarium too...with sharks and dolphins!
Bella LOVED the golden turtle!

B LOVES the tiger area! She kept roaring just like her beloved animal!

After running thru the water zone, look at T's face! Priceless...thankfully it was early morning when we ran thru, so no dirtiness was in our car later that day

Bumblebee LOVED getting all wet and chilly.. look at that smile!

Action shot taken by Lindsay...B wanted to cover those eyes from the water but was squeling with joy!

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