Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Wedding Weekend

Last weekend we traveled out to Fargo to celebrate our sister's much anticipated wedding! This wedding has been in the planning for a while now and we were just super excited for Kensie and Winston to be in holy matrimony through the eyes of the Church! It was quite the morning, with bridesmaids getting up as early as 3 a.m. to start on hair designs to the great reception that lasted until 10:30 p.m.

For our little and growing family, the morning started at 4:30 a.m. when our darling babies woke up with teething pains. Bumblebee was in such pain that she was granted the gift of sleeping with Mommy and Daddy (a HUGE no-no since she LOVES to kick while sleeping :) and little T clung onto Mommy for a solid hour as I rocked him back to sleep only to startle him when lying him back to bed... just my luck I suppose. After falling back to sleep, Mommy had to wake up to get to the bride's parents house to get my hair done. It was quite the process, since it was to one side with a braid and a bun-like effect, I think it took some 50 pins to keep it up! And then when I got home to help P with the kiddos our little boy thought it'd be fun to pull Mommy's hair in one swoop! Thankfully Cousin Liz was able to fix it pretty nicely before pictures!

When we arrived at the church, we were able to get ready with both sets of bridal parties, and then the pictures started! BumbleBee loved her dress, and felt like a princess until the dreaded shoes were forced on her... she loves picking her shoes, but doesn't like wearing them for prolonged periods of time.

All in all the kiddos were good, both fell asleep in the car to the reception we let the rest a little before waking them up for the party, where BumbleBee danced the night away, well at least until bedtime at 9 p.m. where T the Tiger had great fun with Great-Grandma Ellie and Great-Grandpa Ed as he scurried around the place.

Here are some cute pics!

Bumble Bee in her "Belle" dress... she LOVED the flowers in her hair, but she kept wanting to smell them as well!

T with his smirky smile! This is his mischievous smile! He's ready for a party!

BumbleBee having fun lining up shoes!

The three piece suit was lent to us by Missy, who was so sweet enough to watch our pup over the weekend with her family back in Monti. T LOVED his outfit!!

THE face... this is the face of "Daddy, I'm tired, I'm ready to rock and roll and be the bestest little Bumblebee all day!"

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