Thursday, July 8, 2010

This week in Big Red

My kiddos are keeping us busy this week! With T learning how to stand by himself (ok he can wobbly stand for like 1 minute, then he realizes Mommy tricked him to stand by himself, so he plops down)....but still! Plus he LOVES walking around with help from Mommy or Daddy! Meanwhile Bumble Bee very much likes being Mommy's shadow and attempting to help me clean things.
T is really enjoying the new space he has for eating in our new home! He really likes watching the dog outside while he gobbles up his food, then he throws some cherrios down on the ground so Kolbe runs under and eats it up.. Thankfully, B hasn't figured that the dog likes human food yet. Hopefully that won't happen for a while!
AND they LOVE playing on our piano! It was the BEST find yet.... an upright piano for FREE! One of my youth group girls' friend was getting ready to throw it out, and the youth thought of how much fun my two babies would enjoy playing on it; so she asked if I'd like it, she and her dad even brought it over for us!!! Believe me, it's getting plenty of playing time!
Have you ever felt that once you are done cleaning one room, move on to the next, all of a sudden you have to go back to room 1 and reclean due to baby fun??

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