Thursday, September 30, 2010

Energizer Bumblebee

Well this week our little Bumblebee has been very busy! As she constantly comes and tells Mommy's belly to "Come out Baby!", she is very excited to have a new little tike around the house... her excitement has created many memorable photo opts this week (meanwhile little T-man has been sick with a sad cough and runny nose, so no pics this week)...

This is the "Monster" hat, whoever is wearing it has to make monster sounds
as we play tag in the house :) Bumblebee LOVES being the monster!
This cute grocery cart is a wonderful gift from our friend, "Auntie" Lindsey,
Lindsey gave it to us on Sunday and it goes everywhere with Bumblebee and her "Baby"
OH and the cute-o rocking chair? Well it's Bumblebee's reading rocker before bedtime
(and we got it at a GREAT homeschooling-family's garage sale for $2! All proceeds went
to a pro-life sign off a nearby highway!)

Bumblebee anxiously awaited Daddy's return from work on night.
She had set up a whole tea party for just Daddy, Monkey, and her to play...
Mommy was allowed to take photos, but NOT "siiiit duwn"

Well that's all for the updates of our Bumblebee! As for Baby Blessing, well I have been going in and out of early signs of labor for the past two weeks, so I'm a bit exhausted but all together alright....very much ready for our little man to make his debut...but hey maybe God wants him to be born on a certain feast
Oct. 1st: St. Therese of Lisieux
Oct 4th: St. Francis of Assisi
Oct. 5th: St. Faustina
we shall see! and we will be sure to keep everyone on blog world updated with more as it happens :)
God Bless

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