Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Fun

Can you believe it's almost November?!? I can't believe the fall season is almost "over", at least here in MN... before the chilly temperatures sink in, I thought it'd be nice to update the blog about our October fun!
A few weeks ago, Super Hubby surprised the kids and I with an adventure to a nearby pumpkin patch and harvest festival! As soon as we drove up, the kiddos were excited! Between navigating our way around the Corn Maze for over 30 minutes, to the wild ride on the "cow" jug tractor ride, and even an adventurous pony ride for our daughter, the kids loved every minute! Plus we got some cute pictures as well!!

My Corn Maze adventurous daughter :)
We went on a cow tractor ride and T-man was my riding partner
Bumblebee ready to ride her cow!
B LOVES animals and was thrilled when Super Hubby
said he would take her on the pony trail!
T-man lookin' for adventure!

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