Friday, March 2, 2012

It's been a long time! Gee, well I figure I have some updating to do on this blog.... first would be the Christmas 2011 craziness! So here are some cute pics of the kids with neat-o commentary...

First thing to think about was a Christmas tree! Since owning a home, our goal has been to have a lovely real tree for the season, starting in early December, however since we celebrate and reflect on the season of Advent our little family doesn't deck the halls until the week of Christmas so we can stay focused on the season at hand.

This year, our children were super excited about picking their tree! So we went off to adventure in the cold to our local Knights of Columbus tree depot, and our little T-man found the perfect tree! He was super excited when he found "the tree" and both he and B danced up a storm to find the 7 and a half foot tall tree (thankfully our home has vaulted ceilings so it wasn't too bad). Superhubby set up the tree and for a few weeks our kids just loved to admire it. This year the whole concept of Christmas really seemed to sink in for B; she was excited to find presents for her brothers and her favorite part was helping Mommy wrap them up and put them under the tree. Thankfully, my little curious boys did not try to open any of the gifts early this year! Christmas was fun, we celebrated at our home then drove to Fargo to see the family and celebrate together! Enjoy the pics below!

Our little decorator! She loved hanging ornaments!
Bumblebee with her stash of presents! She even received her first dollhouse!
T-man super jazzed about getting a boat with a shark! (He loves sharks!)
T-man trying to help his brother open presents!

T-man sad to take down decorations after Christmas

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