Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Babu Adventures

Our children's countdown began back in May as they awaited the arrival of their Babu. Months turned into weeks, and weeks then turned into days. Let's just say it was the PERFECT learning tool to teach my toddlers how to count. And in early September, the excitement could be felt in the air as my daughter could count on one hand how many days until her Babu would be at our house. Then the final day was upon us, the kids woke up, quickly ate their breakfast, and waited...and waited and waited... Bumblebee had gotten her little brother, T-man, to even take watch at the front window. And then it was time to go and pick up Babu! The kids were giddy with enthusiasm as we loaded into the mini van and started our adventure towards the airport.
Once we arrived at the airport, we had the adventure of parking and the riding on the tram towards the baggage claim area. The kids waited so patiently to find Babu in the crowd, then the people parted and we saw her! Babu!!!!
It was great and fun week with my loving grandmother. We kept her busy with Youth Board meetings, a pro-life organization meeting, fun family adventures and even a trip to the Mall of America aquarium! It was a lot of fun and we thank her for coming and visiting us!

The Mall of America aquarium was renovated and it was MARVELOUS! Note Bella is showing Babu how to swim like her jellyfish friends :)

T-man loved sharing seats with Babu during meal times!

The kids worked their chalk magic with Babu too!

All the kids getting ready for another adventure with Babu!

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