Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Prepping for our New Arrival

It's been a crazy few months in our household... we've had a retreat, lock-in or pilgrimage for our parish's youth every month since June 2011. That's a long time. Thankfully March is nice and settling with only a few weekly meetings, which has given me quite some time to prepare for our newest arrival who is due April 8th (or hopefully sooner!)

I think the most excited toddler in our house is Bumblebee. She is ready and rearing to go for this little buddy to come and be held, or cuddled with, or fed, or burped, or diaper changed, or rocked, or sung to, or well anything.... this little "Mommy's helper" has reminded me every day about all the talents and gifts she possesses and yearns to share with her new little brother. Each morning, I am woken up to a little girl staring right at my belly, singing her good morning song to her brother.

Meanwhile T-man loves the game where he puts his hand firmly on my stomach and feels Baby move or kick T's hand back. When it happens, our home is filled with giggles from all the siblings, but most especially T-man's boisterous laugh. Although, I will say I think M is very excited to have his own "best friend" soon. Since B and T have 11 months between their age, Bumblebee has always stated that T is her "best friend" and M is their "friend", unfortunately I sometimes find M pushed out of a game since he is the "baby" to his older sister's eyes. M is super excited to have a friend, and to be moving into the big kid's room in the next couple of nights. I think Super hubby is anxious to see if any of our 3 kiddos will sleep when in close proximity of one another. I'll keep you updated! Until then, I've got to get some shut eye... hopefully this pregnancy insomnia will go away soon, to be joyous replaced with newborn insomnia :)

God bless!

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  1. Love how the insomnia is differentiated, but seriously so true! Have y'all got the name picked yet? Also every time I go to chick fil a I think of you!!!