Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh my daughter...

Today has been a very funny Bumble Bee day... at 17 months-old, my daughter constantly loves everyone she meets...and today has been no different. Bumble Bee has an enormous heart and loves to express her love towards others... B loves to dine with her monkey and Puppy friends.. she loves to draw with her new Tadoodler crayons... and she LOVES to sit on her big brown chair and sip from her sippy cups.

But more than anything else, she loves to give small "kissies" to her little brother on his forehead. It fascinates me that even at such a young age, my daughter picks up on our love for T. Yet, she never tries to kick him out of the spotlight of love, she would rather show us that she too loves him. It really is a great gift to be able to shower her and him with love and to see that she wants to do the same for her rather tiny brother.

On the other cute note, B LOVES to snag my phone and make a random phone call to some unsuspecting friend or family member. This is a pic I took while B was on the phone with Great-Grandma Ellie last night. B LOVES to talk; she LOVES to walk around our apartment with the phone and call someone; she LOVES giggle while running away from one or both of her parents...and she is so darn adorable while she talks on the phone. If you are blessed with a phone call or better, a message from B, I know you know what I'm talking about. But what a wonderful gift to get an unsuspecting phone call from your friend's daughter! Well nap time is over now so back to playing kitchen!!
God Bless

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