Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh my son!

So looking back quickly at old post, I noticed I haven't given you much updates on T. Well at 5 months-old, he keeps us very busy. He LOVES to eat things! He also LOVES to sit in his big sissy's brown chair...which makes me wonder if we should save up and get him one sooner than later. He LOVES to watch his surroundings in his Bumbo chair. and He LOVES to not sleep at convenient times (like normal night hours) and insteads tries to stay up with Daddy all night long while Daddy desires his own rest. T enjoys putting everything in his mouth and he has recently found his toes in his mouth regularly. He has the cutest laugh ever and he LOVES jumping in the jumperoo! OH and did I mention, he dances to any Veggie Tale intro movie we pop into the DVD player!
Yes, I believe he is growing spendidly and he is pretty cooperative when it comes to getting diaper changed (Mommy hasn't had any pee incidents since he was 1 month--old), and he doesn't push new clothing away like his sister did at 5 months-old. He is fully in his 6 month-old clothing...and he truly enjoys this blue football outfit (so thank you whatever person gave it to him for Christmas!) Also, he is currently trying to learn how to hold his bottle, eat it, and suck his thumb at the same time... who says guys don't like to multi-task? He absolutely LOVES his big sister's kissies; having her tickle him on his chest; and playing with her on his tummy! OH and last but SURELY not least, he is finally being baptized in a few weeks! He will be baptized on February 7th, which the readings correlate to that of being a "fisher of men"... does anyone smell vocational calling to the priesthood? Prayers would be wonderful for my son and his washing away of original sin and the openness to the Holy Spirit!


  1. Hi. I'm here from catholic mothers online wherer you are listed as a new member. welcome. your babies are beautiful. so close in age too! my daughter turned 3 last week.

  2. Lovely babies. Enjoy your special upcoming day!

  3. adorable babies. welcome to mothers online. and GBU always.