Thursday, January 7, 2010

speaking of getting old...

OH YEAH... my birthday.
Ok so: Bday morning, hubby let me sleep in. SWEET!
Afternoon, went and picked up my gal pal/partner-in-cooking-crime: Lindsey. NICE!!!
Got Lindz, get home and BAM! Monk pal, Bro Pete, sitting in my kitchen with my hubby, stopping by to wish me well on my day-older-day! AWESOME! Made some cupcakes with Lindz for a home-made cupcake tree... YES... devil's foodcake and funfetti! FANTASTIC!!! Although we made 36, only 27 got put in the tree... hrmm odd?

Hubby surprises me with pink roses! Double nice!!
YAY birthday pic with hubby.
Phenomenal night with Lindz, gal pal Erin, her hubby Andrew, and my hubby... played some board games, watched some t.v. and watched the ball drop! it was a spectacular night while my two babies slept only feet away!

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