Thursday, January 7, 2010

a resolution...

So I have been thinking about it for a while... and what will be different for this year, decade, even week that made last year's different? What's my resolution?
Yes, I am in a family competition-style weight loss goal for this next half a year... but is that what I really want 2010 to be remembered for? Then there's always the solid answer of "I'm gonna get out of debt", or "This year I won't procrastinate" But that's not a true change... those are just goals I would love to get, but will probably not strive for months later...
So then the answer came to me in a birthday gift this year. It's a book based on the 100 things every Catholic (teen) should know. So I got it. I need to make this week, month, year, decade, really life about seeking the deeper meanings of my faith. A lot of people know me for having a pretty strong faith, I'd consider myself a "medium-rare" Catholic. You know, medium rare being the scale for your steak; I'm the Catholic who has let the Holy Spirit lead my life, but not let it grab my spirit with all the teachings of the Catholic Church... but I need to grow closer to the teachings in order to take the next big step in my faith journey. I know the basic ones sure... but the nitty gritty ones, I want to learn my Catholic identity. It's important that we not only understand who we are as Catholics, but what we believe and proclaim as well. Many people claim to be Catholic, but don't live by what the Church teaches. Others claim to be Catholic but don't know what the Church teaches. At some point in my life, I know I've crossed into one of these two groups...but I've grown and now I desire more. So it realy shouldn't matter how old we are right? Christ is ready to share His love and truth with me, and with YOU, out there in blog world.
This year starts a huge growth in my faith journey. This year, I will actively seek the Church's teachings and understandings. This year, I want to become a well-done if not very well done Catholic, soaking up the Catholic teachings and understandings. If you are interested in following along or read about this adventure, check out my second blog:
So I guess, it's real.

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