Monday, May 3, 2010

6:03 p.m.

Panick engulfed my entire body at 6:03 p.m. last night... our event, the 2nd Annual Mystery Dessert Theatre, for the youth was announced at masses, we had a booth in the gathering space for all masses this weekend,in a month's worth of bulletin articles, SuperHubby and I sent mass emails to our groups, we made facebook groups, masked the online community with personal invites and even phone calls... but as I checked my phone for the time, at 6:03 p.m., our Dessert Theatre could have been renamed a Desert Theatre with the lack of attendance in our parish's Social Hall. My heart sank.

"Lord, we prayed before this process began, during the practices, setting up, baking, and even before this event...I know I need to learn to accept Your Will...but please don't let this event sink... please!! Amen"

Literally right after my silent prayer...the cars started pouring out people! Oh God is good, all the time... and that Jesus, He's a jokester when it comes to practical jokes... but altogether, it was a very humbling 5 minutes into 6 o'clock that evening...

In the end, we had 80 people in the audience. There were very few seats left open. The youth did a great job, the audience laughed at some of the best points, and the group loved my SuperHubby's 5 different cheesecakes...gosh he is amazing!!

Anyways, just remember when you think all is lost...God has a plan, and it might just make you laugh :)

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  1. Yes he is good all the time. Too bad we can't remember that when we get down. But he understands us so well and wants to be asked for the things we want or think we need. I enjoy your little stories so much Kymee-Thanks for keeping me updated.

    I miss you all so much. God Bless You and in his love I am Grandma Ellie