Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Finds

*Quick fact: I LOVE Garage Sale Hunting. I doubt it has to do with going to so many with my grandmother when I was a little kid... but in all cases, I don't buy "junk", I look for "Finds", you know the GREAT gems out there that are just waiting for a new home! Yeah....that's a hobby of mine, but in MN it's only garage sale season in May-August-ish.

So last week, I needed motivation, motivation to do the laundry (the story of a mother's life, haha)... after talking to Super Hubby, we decided to make an "incentive" program for me to feel more inspired to get 'er done and get through all the laundry by a certain day and then I'd get to go Garage Sale Hunting! I was super excited to say the least that I had an end to look forward to if I completed my task!

So I got to work; and 2 days later, I saw the light as I was almost done with all the loads in the small apartment's community laundry machine (only one machine since the other one died, yet again). With full determination, Saturday rolled around with a clean house with lots of beautiful clean clothes put away, and Super Hubby, Bumble Bee, and T-man ready to take down some garage sale huntin' grandmas for some great deals!
Did we succeed? Oh yes! Not only did we get some great "Finds", but they are AMAZINGLY in great shape!
Our Finds for this past week include: Fischer Price's Laugh and Learn: Musical Learning Chair (valued on Amazon for $190 new), we got ours for $5! Woohoo! And T-man and Bumble Bee LOVE it! The beautiful mirror for $1, a TON of beanie Babie animals which Bumble Bee loves for super cheap; two pairs of cutie shoes for Bumble Bee for less than $1.50 for both; two awesome white shelves for our new kitchen for $1 each; blue candle sticks for $1; the Blue Satin fabric for our May decorated Family Alter (blue is for Mary) for $6; and some AMAZING 1960's still-totally-useable books like Treasure Island, Andersen's Fairy Tales, Black Beauty, etc for a steal too!! Oh and Super Hubby picked out a beautiful milk-glass bowl perfect for fruit or serving (Hubby then put the beanie babies in it for carrying purposes).

Then there was the super Find! We got a solid-wood desk, in perfect condition, for $20! Unfortunately, we didn't have the space in our car to bring it home, but thankfully the owner/seller was listening in on a conversation I was having with a friend who I was telling about how we are buying our first home and now in search of new furniture. This being overheard, the sweet lady seller said that she would be more than happy to sell it to us AND drive it to our apartment that day! I was thrilled!! It's a beautiful table, and I'll try to take a pic soon!

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