Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marvelous Mother's Day

Super Hubby is quite the amazing fella... if I do say so myself... this Mother's Day weekend, he pulled all the stops...that's right Mother's Day Weekend... Super Hubby knew I was having a tough week with being hormonally-emotionally driven, so he thought giving me a weekend of being ultra-love would help cheer me up. Starting Friday afternoon, he drove up to the apartment, ran up the stairs, and said, "Get ready! We're going on an adventure!"

With much anticipation, we packed the kids up, got in the car, and drove all the way to the Mall of America, where he said we had two stops. The first was to a bookstore where he surprised me with a copy of Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. I was in AWE that he had remembered this book and that we were getting a book almost as big as my Bible (no joke, it's about 700 legit pages). After that he super surprised me with a treat to dinner at Rainforest Cafe, where we split a yummy meal and watched as our T-man who couldn't blink with all the exciting animals in the restaurant...meanwhile our Bumble Bee's eyes were transfixed on the gorillas above our heads. It was mucho fun! And the kids fell asleep on the ride home which was perfect for us!

Saturday, Super Hubby gifted me with the AMAZING time of sleeping in (which is a HUGE gift for anyone who wakes up with a 9 month-old who thinks 6:30 a.m. starts his play day)... So after sleeping in, we went on another adventure to pick up my bridesmaid dress at David's Bridal, purchase shoes for another wedding, and went to lunch at Five Guys... then Super Hubby had a super special surprise... he brought me to a pet store (that doesn't sell animals), where we met up with a friend who was looking to give away her dog... after playing with the pooch for a few hours in the grass with the babies, Super Hubby surprised me with saying that this was OUR dog!!

Now why was this so surprising? Well with our big MOVE in two weeks into our first home, a new baby on the way, AND countless other projects (not to mention our apartment doesn't allow pets), I was completed blown away!! Super Hubby had talked with our loving parents, who were up for helping us watch Kolbe (we named him after St. Maximillian Kolbe), while we move into our new home!!

So who is this new member of our small-but-quickly-growing family? Well, Kolbe is a rescued 3 year-old beagle-retreiver mix. As the picture shows, he's quite a cutie who doesn't bark, bite, nip, jump, or whimper, so we are past the puppy stage! He is crate-trained, house-broken, and baby/kid friendly!! He is about 18 pounds, has all up-to-date shots (I have the vet records to prove it) and is fully grown (when he sits on his rump, his head only goes to my knee)! He is AMAZING with both Bumble Bee and T-man and is very calm and great indoors, and also has the energy when he is on his leash to go for many walks! Super Hubby says the best trait is that Kolbe cannot have babies thanks to a previous vet visit! I am so excited for the moving process so our little Kolbe can have a fun backyard to play in!!

After getting Kolbe all his needs (food, a toy, a new crate), we ran home to get gather our stuff so we could go straight to Fargo to show and share our new family member with the rest of the family! A HUGE thanks to my in-laws who are helping us out the next few weeks as we transition into our new home!!

Once we got to Fargo, we spent the night at the in-laws; and in the morning, Super Hubby let me sleep in for another morning! Not only was it amazing, but he also made breakfast for everyone in the family this morning!! It was fantastic and I have some work do to for Father's Day now!!

God Bless!

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  1. Cute Dog---looks like he'd be a good friend---mild mannered and good looking---you guys are so lucky.

    So is the dog. I know you'll be super good to him. He looks so sweet!
    I also love the name and it suits him well.