Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funny Times

Need to smile? Well here's some of the cute things the babies have been up to this past week....

1. As I come out the bathroom, I see my T-man sitting and unplugging Daddy's cell phone charger out of wall... Bumble Bee runs up to him, plugs back the charger, shaking her finger furiously at the sweet 8 month-old, saying "NO, T, NO!!!"

2. T-man's new "game" is going to Daddy's stereo equipment and turning all the knobs or smashing his little fingers into the buttons. Bumble Bee understands this is a no-no. So one day, while Mommy is cleaning up fun messes left all around the home, I hear, "No, T, No! MOMMMY (in high pitch squeal), T Trouubbbble!" Oh my precious daughter, she is quite the older sister.

3. This morning, Mommy was feeling sick, so Daddy spent the morning taking care of her...Daddy checks on Mommy in the bedroom, leaving the Bumble Bee to her own demise... Mommy: "Hunny, what's B doing?"

Daddy: "Oh, she's fine, she's playing nicely in the other room..."

Mommy: "It's too quiet."

Bumble Bee enters room, running, and smiling ear-to-ear...

Mommy: "What did she do?"

Daddy: "Nothing. She's fine. She just loves you. And she's drawing on a pad of paper, no worries"

Mommy: "No when she runs to you, she knows she did something.... that means trouble"

-A few minutes later-

Mommy: "My daughter is GREEN!"

Daddy: "That's her being creative. She knew she wasn't suppose to draw on the walls or the floor, only paper and apparently, herself. I say she's a good girl."

Bumble Bee smiles uncontrollably.
4. Happily jumping in his jumperoo bouncer, T-man makes a HUGE Poopies (I mean EPIC poopies: up back to his neck, down to his toes and only in a onesie)... Mommy schrieks in high pitch due to the digustingness of it... Mommy rushes to grab paper towels to start to clean up (more worry , realizes she needs to tend to T-man first, then pulls T-man out of jumperoo to go and hose him off in the tub and put new clothing on him (leaving the mess-o-poo to be cleaned up when Mommy returns). While playing in her kitchen, Bumblee sees all of this, and stays put until Mommy leaves the room.
Mommy and T-man return to the poop zone, where we see that Bumble Bee went straight to 'work' trying to scrub the poo out of the carpet... Sadly, this 20 month-old tried so hard that she tore the paper towel, thus scrubbing her hands and feet into the poop, looking up at Mommy almost to say "surprise" with her cute smile.
Not knowing whether to laugh or cry at the site, Mommy grabs Bumble Bee to start cleaning her down. This time, however, puts T-man in his crib to play in for a while, so this cycle does not continue.
Did it put a smile on your face? Good, mine too!
God bless


  1. oh goodness. this did indeed make me smile.

    also--just so you know, the word verification for this post read "wactose." i don't know why i found that so amusing... but apparently it was amusing enough for me to inform you. :o)

  2. This is just too cute. I laughed so hard. These two are just so precious. That little Bees a real buzz! Don't you think? Thanks Kym honey for sharing the fun. I enjoy the wonderful pictures too. God Bless you all!
    Love you much.