Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Almost 2 and Almost 1 year-olds

A few notes about my almost 2 year-old and my almost 1 year-old...

They are trouble!! They instigate little tiffs between one another.

If T is ready for a toy, he makes his move in a quick swift motion to grab whatever his sister has in her possession. He may even pull her hair at times, not in a malicous way, just a "Hey! Sissy, gimme that toy! Please!"

If B wants a certain toy, she uses her voice and now her body to get what she wants. She will make a wall with her back, hoping that her brother will not be able to see her play with a certain toy. More times than not, I am peeling T off his sister's back and trying to get him to play with something else.

And with T being only 4 pounds lighter than his sister, and only a few inches shorter... I am sure things will continue to be exciting in our home!

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