Monday, August 2, 2010

Planning Events

I LOVE my vocation as wife, mother, an youth minister... I love that God blesses me with using my passions and creativity in all these contexts. But there is a HUGE passion I have that I get to utilize whenever an event comes up... OR when I make up an event... I LOVE party-planning! And with Super Hubby's bday this week, the kiddos joint party next week, I have LOTS to plan for and make great! I mean who doesn't love these??

Balloons! In the first month of college, I ransacked someone's room and FILLED it with these puppies to surprise her for her bday! She LOVED it... her roommate, not so much :)

After knowing Joe for only two weeks, my two gal pals and I decided he needed a birthday surprise...Jungle Joe got a dorm-room makeover with a Jungle Theme...

*Joe is still one of my best guy pals today!

Then there are times when we just didn't have a birthday to celebrate in college, and so to make sober-fun, I created events... the Annual Nerd Bowl, collaborated with a friend for Free Hug Day, CookieFest, The O.C. marathon nights, SuperHero Night... All fun! Too fun!!

Nerd Night... Actually for SG and I, we just came as we normally are. No costume needed :)

Free Hug Day was a HUGE success! We were even able to recruit!

Now, I get to plan the BEST party of them all! My kiddos 1 and 2 year-old joint Veggie Tale themed party! My kids LOVE Veggie Tales! After making homemade invite cards, I now get to work on all the FUN goodie bags and decorations! Don't worry I'll post everything as I work on them!

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