Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beat the Heat

Well today's temp reached a whooping 94 degrees outside, which meant it was 84 degrees in our home (since we don't have A/C)...so I thought why not bring the kiddos to the St. John's lake? It's the perfect place to go when you don't want lots of people messing around your stuff, quiet and less busy PLUS I LOVE St. John's Lake since it's super clean :)

This was T man's first lake trip... gasp! I know, I'm sorry all my Minnesotan friends who have practically lived on lakes their whole lives...but since I have two toddlers AND am pregnant, I figured it would be alright to hold off on the lake front until I felt it was the right time for an almost 1 year-old and almost 2 year-old to go crazy in!

BumbleBee LOVES sand! Although she is not at all fond of it being messy on her, she LOVES using her sand toys we got her for her sandbox at home. She was super excited to see them to play in the "dirrrt"

Even with a friend to help me with the fun, T man was still able to be tricky enough to grab a whole fist full of sand and start to eat it before we took notice! His face is priceless as we scooped out all that yummy sand :)

T man's dancin' pose! He LOVES the outdoors!

After a lil over a half an hour of sand time, I thought it'd be a good time to show them the lake... since they didn't even notice it the whole time! This is a good thing since we had to coax them out of the pool with yogart :)

Bumblebee's reaction = shocked that there were fishies in the "bafth" (her vision for bath)
T man's reaction = complete excitement and overjoyed with LOTS of "words" to describe his excitement! He wanted to touch the fish so bad... too bad they were afraid of him :(

Overall, this was a GREAT day... T fell asleep as soon as he was put in his car seat and Bella fell asleep right after lunch in the car. She slept for 2 hours!! Success? I think so!

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