Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Great 12 Days

What a wonderful 12 day visit from our beloved Babu! After a year drought of not seeing her, it was wonderful getting to visit for a full 12 days! It was super fun and as the first photo shows, Bumble Bee was VERY excited to see her Babu once again!

BumbleBee literally JUMPED out of the stroller to get into Babu's arms at the airport luggage claim! It was so cute and she just snuggled into Babu and didn't want to go back into the stroller...

The next day was the Birthday party...as this photo shows the love between T-man and Babu, it was super cute to see T each morning WALK to Babu's legs and smile to be picked up. Babu happily obliged :)

We even went to the MN zoo one day. Babu surprised the toddlers with their favorite animals in stuffed forms: T-man loves the sharks; and Bumble Bee can watch the otters for HOURS!

Back seat love! Bumble Bee enjoyed spending time with Babu in the mini van!

T-man LOVED spending time with his Babu! Cute pic of the two having quality bonding time!
Thanks so much Babu for coming, helping us with the toddlers, being an adult chaperone for a 26 hour lock-in, and even letting Mommy sleep in! It was such a wonderful time getting to see you! We can't wait for you to come and visit again really soon!

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