Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Very Veggie Birthday Party

**Disclaimer: since I turned my camera over to friends, these pics are wonderful...but sadly not done by me. I was having too much fun with the babies, I mean, toddlers :)

Alright, so two weekends ago, we had some 26 people come to the house to celebrate T and B's birthdays! With a now official 1 year old and a 2 year-old, it has been mighty busy, so I apologize for not updating sooner! At the birthday party, we had friends and family come and celebrate the toddlers birthday with a Veggie Tale twist! We played games like "Guess that Veggie!", "Madame Blueberry Hunt", and my favorite "Oh Where is Larry's Hairbrush?" It was a lot of fun getting to see the family kids looking everywhere for the small hairbrush that was hidden in a low tree... it also gave us the perfect reason NOT to cut our grass!

As you can see, there were lots of people. Thankfully we have a great deck that can hold everyone and everything for the party!
T-man on his bday! He LOVED being center of attention!
BumbleBee blowing out her candles (ok so the wind actually blew out the candles, but B LOVED her muffin peas!
Since Super Hubby does NOT allow the toddlers to consume sugar, we made mini blueberry "Pea" family muffins! Babu did a great job making them green, and way to go Auntie Kodet for getting the pea faces!
For the bigger kids and adults, Super Hubby made two great cheesecakes! This one was Larry- oreo cheesecake
and then there was Bob the cherry-caramel cheesecake! He did a phenomenal job decorating their faces too!
Altogether, a GREAT birthday party and LOTS of amazingly sweet and thoughtful gifts! Right before the toddlers had their meltdowns for nap time, we were even able to squeeze a family/friend blessing and prayer over them so that they can have a happy and safe upcoming year with Christ!!
So if you're ever looking for a certain Veggie Tale DVD, just hollar... we might have it in our new V.T. DVD library! Thank you all who came and everyone's prayers for the toddler's upcoming year's worth of adventures!

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  1. i'm so glad your veggie tales party was a success :) your kids are so precious.