Thursday, September 22, 2011

Double Birthday Fun

This year's theme for B and T's birthday was Noah's Ark. Between their love of animals, Noah's Ark being their favorite bedtime story, as well as the Little People Noah's Ark set being their favorite toy, it seemed like an obvious choice for the double birthday fun.
It got only better when we asked our soon-to-be three year-old and our soon-to-be two year-old what they wanted for their birthday and they both said they wanted a goat. Well the real list from Bumblebee was, "A Goat, a cat, and a baby sister." However, we are not cat people, and we already knew we were going to be bringing a baby home and that's not much of a birthday gift in the first place. So a goat?? After some investigation, I found that Food for the Poor, a wonderful charity organization, has a way you can actually buy a goat for a family! And that's just what we went for. We asked all the guests to by-pass the toy section in Wally World, and to just bring a few dollars instead so that our kids could get the goat they wanted so badly. We also invited guests to dress up as their favorite animal as well. And let me tell ya, we had quite the zoo in the back yard, Noah would have been proud! After the Noah inspired games, we had our cupcakes, BumbleBee asked for her goat collection and then we did our annual blessing prayer over the two toddlers for wonderful health, growth in virtues, and fun adventures with family and friends. It was a wonderful birthday, and here are a few pics to check out!

Princess BumbleBee eating her cupcake!

The Crowning of Princess Bumblebee; please note her princess stance and excitement!

My BEAUTIFUL decorations on the cupcakes! Animal edible figurines! I was thrilled with the final product!

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