Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Semi-Disney Invasion

This summer, our family seemed to catch a bug that we just can't shake. I blame the imagination and inspiration from Disney Magic... since this bug has captured the hearts of my sons through Disney Cars and my daughter's mind and heart of being a princess.
At the beginning of summer, we, like many families, were thrilled to go and preview Disney Cars 2. Now granted, our kids had never sat through an entire movie NOR had they seen or known about Cars 1, but SuperHubby and I decided to take the risk and take the kids to the local movie theatre on a blistering hot 100 degree day. They had never seen a movie on a HUGE screen like this one, but there we were all alone in a wonderfully air conditioned theatre when the Disney castle came on screen. Our kiddos gasped with excitement and our tiny tike M was already asleep in his Daddy's arms. The whole movie experience was perfect and exactly what this tired mommy was in need of.
After the movie, Super Hubby even surprised the toddlers with a trip to Wally World where they could pick out a Disney Car matchbox car as well! The kids came home and played for hours (ok maybe only 45 minutes but it did seem like hours with the quiet playtime). Ever since that fateful Saturday afternoon, our children, specifically our sons, have spent hours playing and crashing their toy cars.

T-man sharing with his little brother. Do they look alike or what?!?

Meanwhile another fun event happened this summer, our so-loved babysitter, Ash, was crowned Princess of her town. This was super exciting and we couldn't be more happy for her! But the most joyous of the Allex clan was our daughter, as soon as I told her about Princess Ashley, Bumblebee immediately started jumping up and down with giddyness. This summer, Bumblebee and I even went on a special girls date to go and see Princess Ashley at a town ice cream function. And did we have fun! Bumblebee even got to take MANY pictures with all three of the town's princesses! She was so excited and came home to tell her brothers all about her adventure.

One of B's highlights of this summer was when Princess Ashley came to B's birthday party and presented her with a little B sized Princess Crown. Bumblebee loved it so much that within the month, we had to replace it due to a "much loved" instance of Princess twirling and then becoming to dizzy and squashing it. However after the tears were dried, Bumbleebee got to pick a crown that looks much more like Princess Ashley's.

This summer, Bumblebee has been "in training" as a Princess, as she shares her joy of dancing throughout the house, singing as she helps with laundry folding, or continues to share with her loyal subjects, her little brothers. Bumblebee has also commanded us to have another subject soon, but this time she says "I love my brothers, but I want a sister. We need more pink!" Well, we aren't sure what we will be surprising her with at this moment, but either way, it seems the princess has spoken about the needed pink in the Allex household.

Princess BumbleBee looking very exciting!

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