Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1 year photo fun

Today started off rocky. Granted it's only 2:20 p.m.... but I've been going strong since Preston left the house at 7:45 this morning. Once I woke up, both babies were still asleep as I went and did my business and got ready for the day.
In my mind, I had the day all set up... breakfast, playtime, relax while Bella watches her Curious George and Teigan naps, photo time, playtime, lunch, then more playtime then nap....Well, we got thru breakfast, Bella loved playtime as it was trying to learn how to draw with crayons (still no luck). There was no relax time...we played right through C.G. which was fine by me.
However it was photo time that really got to my heart strings. I love photography; I love looking at photographs, taking them, enhancing them, printing them, and sticking them in frames or albums or sending them to family...but today was the most fun I think I've had indoors for photography with my daughter. Why? Because today she let me put up a make shift backdrop... yes I did a deliberate color of baby blue as a backdrop because ...1.it was better than a striped green and blue; 2. it is the same color of the first photos my mother took of me when I was a baby; 3. it was a perfect double sheet that could be the back and the flooring! Perfect!!!
So the photo time went genius, and pics are at the end of this post...
Lunch was great! Waffles, apples and some carrots. I know a bit weird...but Tuesdays are Bella days to pick the lunch foods... and she loved every ounce of that meal. She loved it so much, that at noon right after lunch she was tuckered out from all the fun in the morning and she walked right to her crib in order to tell Mommy it was naptime.... she has been asleep ever since!
So now, I am here blogging and wish listing for things from garage sales, antique stores, and thrift shops, I hope to spot this weekend...I'll let you know what I find! But for now, here are those cute shots!

A Baby, A Bottle and a Bear
Teigan is not as photogetic as his sister...
Now shot 1: Bella is getting ready for her big photo, looking down... two seconds later....
Bella looks up and giggles so hard!

Bella with all her animals
Alright, enough for today...I think my little one is just waking up from her nap! More play time!
God Bless, Kym

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  1. Your kids are so adorable! :) I love your family! :)-Ashley Walz