Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Truly Honored

So, last night Preston and I were bathing Bella when our dear friend, Caleb, called Preston's cell. Unfortunately, with Preston busying holding onto our little bumblebee and myself feeding Teigan, I asked if we could call him back in fifteen minutes.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over 15 minutes after Bella was done with her bath, I remembered that we needed to call Caleb! As soon as Preston called him, Caleb asked for it to be on speaker. Oh no, maybe Brooke (Caleb's fiance) didn't have a good time at the retreat this weekend was my first thought. As soon as Caleb was on speaker, I had this pit in my stomach... it quickly passed as Caleb & Brooke speakered us on our cell asking both Preston and myself to be in their wedding party! My jaw dropped, it is such an amazing honor to be asked to be in our dear friends wedding party.
Now the back story, I knew Brooke from the first First-Year Retreat Experience I ever developed for St. John's Campus Ministry some 3 years ago. Caleb was one of the first First-Year men who signed up... these two knew each other through friends along with being greatly in touch with their Catholic faith; but it turned out that Caleb and I would work in Campus Ministry together and then years later develop an amazing relationship with beautiful Brooke. A few weeks ago, Preston, Caleb, Brooke, Natalie (another dear friend), and myself went to Buffalo Wild Wings and just as we were leaving, Caleb grabbed me and led me away from the rest of the pack telling me that he had just bought the ring!
Caleb (who I believe is a closet romantic, or maybe just an outspoken one?) proposed to Brooke a few days later by inviting her out to Lake Sag to pray their nightly rosary together. Just before this, he had stolen her rosary, when she wasn't looking, and put the ring on one end of it! Well, in the dark, Brooke thought she was untangling the rosary when she found the ring attached to it and Caleb on both knees asking for her hand in marriage!
AWWWWWW! A few hours later, I received a phone call from Caleb, where once I heard the news, I shrieked in excitement for these two....and then the grocery store manager ran up to me asking if everything was alright. BUT what a great news while a person is in the diaper aisle right?
So this blog is a thank you to Caleb and Brooke for allowing my husband and I to be involved in your amazingly special and blest day! We are very excited to help in any and all ways that we can.
Oh and here's a pic of the newly engaged:

Courtesy of Facebook

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