Thursday, October 29, 2009

The past few days have been a bit crazy...Our dear fish, Lent, died a few days ago at 2.5 years-old. Now for a goldfish that we cleaned his bowl only once a was amazing that he lived that long... but due to this death, I cleaned thoroughly, filtered water into it, and then grabbed another one of the fish in our tank and put in it Bella's room. Why? Because she LOVES Elmo's world and Elmo has a goldfish named Dorothy. So everytime we sit down and watch Elmo's World, Bella gets super excited when the goldfish is featured and she points at our own fish in the tank next to the television. To give Bella her own Dorothy excited her tremendously...and today as we watched Elmo's World, she rushed to her room and pointed at her own Dorothy.... pictures on the bottom.
Today was our preparation for Halloween! Although Bella does not like her costume at all on her, I am trying to get her to wear it for a few minutes each day... you can see cute pics of her outfit on Saturday!!! This being said, if my little Bella will not wear her costume at our Halloween game night, then I have found an alternate that she LOVES!!! Today, we played Ghost Tag. Now, this game is simple, easy and so much fun (as long as you have completely baby proofed the area for collisions). We have a white baby blanket that I put on my head, then I chase Bella. she LOVES it. we played for nearly an hour and a half today! (Cute pics below). I also brought out her Play Hut and we played with Curious George for a while in there....Bella wanted to act our her favorite charater as today the monkey went on a by herself, she went and grabbed a toy box shelf and brought it into her hut....more pics below too. Finally we made Daddy his favorite biscuits (the garlic cheese ones from Red Lobster), now granted my 15 month-old cannot actually I give her a bowl and a spoon and she whips it around...but today she saw the fake carrots (that came with her grocery cart gift that Great Grandma Ellie gave Bella) and Bella grabbed those and dropped them in her bowl and had a BALL sloshing those around too!
Altogether, a very successful day for a 15 and 2 month old!
God Bless, Kym

Teigan slept during our Ghost Tag

Look at Ms. Sassy Pants being a ghost!
Bella, C.G. and their boat adventure in the hut

Tea Time! Granted a lot of mess, but still great

Bella's "new" fish: Dorothy (just like Elmo's fish) I moved the bowl into her bedroom and she LOVES seeing Dorothy at feeding time

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