Monday, October 12, 2009

those first snips

Well as many of you know, my husband does not particularly love bangs. He loves all women in his life that have bangs, he just does not prefer bangs in general...this being said, he and I have often debated on having our daughter's bangs cut so that she doesn't have the "troll" look that she regularly sports now that her hair is constantly in her eyes.

Last Monday, my wish was granted. After multiple times of fishing Bella's hair out of her mouth, it was time. So we took her for her first hair cut at Great Clips in St. Cloud. When we first arrived, Preston put his name and Bella's name down and of course he got in first...leaving Mommy to deal with the squealing, crying, fighting daughter-o-horror during her first haircut... it was a hassle...but I think the end result is fantastic. Here are some pics!

Before the hair trim...note the massive "trolly" hair do was coming out already!

Bella had a rough start, she would not wear the hair bib, so naturally she had to have the hair slide onto her...she also would not sit on the booster alone, so she sat on Mommy's lap. it was too cute and very precious!
Helping her hairdresser with what part she did not want cut... please NOTE the hair on the clothes :)

She wanted those shiny scissors

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