Monday, November 2, 2009

Bumblee Bees Attack

We celebrated All Souls Day twice this year. Once on Friday preceeding Halloween. My youth group had its second annual youth pumpkin carving party, where my whole little family came in support. Along with a few friends who were chaperones, my children love the youth group kids! So Teigan was dressed as a Tiger for this party, and Bella did not want to partake in costuming so we say she was a daily princess, as she is so crowned in our household.
The day of Halloween was fun... although neither of my children would cooperate with me to stay in their outfits, but that was ridiculous to think that my babies might cooperate anyway! Oh well, it makes fun pictures! We didn't have Bella go trick-or-treating because she was so upset with her costume..and Teigan is waaaaaaay to tiny to go door to door. So instead we had our friends over to play board games and gather in fellowship! Bella fell asleep pretty quickly, while Teigan wanted to stay awake and see all the comotion! It was loads of fun and I thank our friends for coming to our annual board game night! Here are pics!

Bella finding candy! She had so much fun inspecting the wrapers!
Bumble Bees! Bella crying b/c she disliked her costume so much!
Teigan with our dear friend Natalie at the Youth Group
Bella in her Halloween onesie!


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