Monday, November 9, 2009

All around

What a wonderful Monday... nice and relaxed, just as I like it. Granted, tomorrow holds about 3 loads of laundry due to this weekend's game my children decided to play on Mommy and Daddy.... you've heard of the show "So You think you can dance" right? Well my babies have created a new show/game "So you think you can poo" This game includes countless hours wiping little tushies with gentle wipes and going through many, many diapers. From this game, Mommy now has a good 2 loads of dirty blankets, bedding, and clothes to do. But today was Mommy's day packed full of education time for the babies.
For Teigan, Mommy and him spent many hours having tummy time (which he can stand just a little bit more than Bella could stand it) as well as Baby-areobics. He LOVES it! I think his favorite is the Up, Up, Down, Down activity where mommy uses him as a weight. Painful, but so good! The bonus to this morning time with Teigan is that he naps a good portion in the afternoon! A big surprise today happened when I put him in Bella's old Jumparoo. Well, he LOVES it! He actually started to cry when I took him out of it...but I figured he needed a bottle to ease the transition to his napping.
For Bella, it was her creative day! We had fun coloring pictures for family members as well as a cheering poster for Addison's game this upcoming weekend! Side story: Addison is Bella's godfather as well as her uncle... This past weekend his football team won their division's game and this weekend they will be playing in the Fargo Dome! So naturally, we needed to make him a poster! Hopefully he will enjoy it! End of side story. So Bella had fun coloring this poster with help from Mommy and we are very excited to see him play this weekend for the State Championship!! Hopefully lots of people and family will be there to cheer him on! Besides that, this afternoon Bella and Mommy did the toddler aerobics where Bella loves to laugh at her Mommy doing funny positions and making noises and faces for her entertainment!
Other than that, here are some pics! Love!

She fell asleep while Mommy and Teigan were exercising!
He loves the Jumperoo!

Her "funny face" pose

His Tummy Time

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  1. oh man. bella's funny face is awesome. i'm so proud of her.
    and dude. "so you think you can poo?" i'm about the happiest auntie sara in the world.
    it's crazy how much you and bella look alike, and preston and teigan look alike. insane.