Monday, November 2, 2009

Project Bliss

So today has been filled with exercise! Although I have been no longer pregnant for almost three months, I feel it is time to get into shape before the holiday pounds are I found this AMAZING yoga and exercise DVD from Parents Magazine made for Mommy and Baby and the second DVD for Mommy and Toddler... let's just say, I know I will feel the pain tomorrow..but today my kids LOVED it! Bella loves the Up, Up, Down, Down exercise as well as the breathing techniques where I get to blow on her feet, she laughs so hard every time!! Meanwhile, Teigan loves the quality time with Mommy as he gets the opportunity to look around and get so tuckered out!
After hours of exercise today, I finally sat down and updated this look downward... along with working on a hobby project that I have fondly named: Project Bliss! This project is inspired by a book called 14,000 Things to be Happy About. It's list of things that a woman wrote throughout her life that she later created into a book...A pic of my project is below...but it's just a black frame filled with different boxes of things that I love and that show me God's love! This project continues because I have an entire wall to fill and my list is so much longer than these 20 boxes that were my plan is to get another frame and continue this as a collage of loves in hearts! So have fun checking it out!

It reads from top to bottom (in no specific order of love, but larger boxes are bigger loves!) Preston, ice cream, pink and red roses, the Allex-Miller family (Makensie, Winston, Aurielle), Vizdos family (Babu, Pa, ALS, UP, Mike, all boys), sweet tea, skirts and dresses, pearls, Isabella Rose, date days/nights, Mass, Teigan, Bosch family (Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Ed), dancing with Bella to itunes, Bubble baths, swings, wild cherry pepsi, tea cups, Allex family (Grant, Patti, Cameron, Addison, Miranda, Skylar, Landon), photography...

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