Monday, November 2, 2009

Ladies Day Out

Alright, with both babies napping...I thought I'd pop on and update from this weekend.... Although we love our new home... it has become more and more difficult not to think of our friends back at St. John's/St. Ben's, as we try to branch out and meet other young adults in the area. I have this strong feeling that there are indeed young adults our age somewhere in our parish, however they all seem to be lacking at mass or in attendance in any other ministry. So to revive my womanly urges to gab, Preston gave me this past Saturday to go and be with my friends, baby-free! So with much excitement, I set up this ladies date day with my dear friends Lindsey, Sara, and Erin. In the morning, we went to Great Harvest Bread Company to pick up our choice of breakfast. I got this AMAZING cinnamon scone and I also picked up a chocolate chip cookie dough mixing kit. I will be VERY excited to make these cookies in an upcoming day when I am a "little less busy". After choosing our breakfast foods, we headed over to Caribou Coffee to gab a little as we munch on our wonderfully prepared scones, muffins, or bread slices.
After a good amount of time catching up, we headed over to a local Antique store where we had a magical adventure examining amazing things...we had a lot of fun at my new love- teacups! The store was very enchanting, filled top to bottom with everything of elegance: glassware, teacups, silver sets, plates, even window panes that made my mind wander with crafty ideas... After a solid amount of time, we came out very full-handed and even more excited to go back very soon! To my delight, I purchased: a brown pearl necklace and earrings set (since I love pearls!), a tea cup and saucer that reminded me of my Babu (a wonderful shade of pink), a fun tea cup and saucer set that reminded me of my Great Gagge (I really don't know why), a vintage make up mirror AND at the last minute I found the perfect gift for my husband (a 1940's mint conditioned gold tie clip and matching cuff links that have P inscribed on them!) From this experience, I have found that I have very unique taste in elements and objects when it comes to antiques...although I loved plenty of things, I was quite specific on what caught my eyes. All in all, wonderful "finds" and I truly cannot wait to go back!
Once we made our purchases, we were being summoned by the greatness that the northerners call "Target" we made our way to the mall where we found perfect black shelves for my teacups and saucers (Preston later that afternoon was kind enough to put up for me and my tea cups)! Then after Target, we ran to Walgreen's where my dear friend Sara bought a Revlon made PedEgg, which she now tells me that it really does work! After the fun, we had to get to business, where we went errand shopping for the Halloween Board Game night we hosted that evening! I will have a post on that soon!
Until then, here are some pictures!

The Great Gaggee inspired Tea cup
The Babu inspired tea cupt
The Mirror
Preston's tie clip and cuff links!

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