Thursday, November 5, 2009

A little bit of this and that

Ok so yikes a few days behind... yesterday was pretty uneventful... 6 loads of laundry done! YAY patience and endurance! I know that each time I finish with so many loads of laundry, I promise myself and my sanity that I will do better next time and not have so many loads pile up...but then life hits and I'm down for the count.
Beyond those 6 loads, I had a very exciting "friend" come and visit me..."His" name is "Fred"... and let's just say it's been about 2 years since I've seen this fellow...the thing is, Fred is the kind of friend a person normally can only handle about a few consecutive days a month; but for me, seeing Fred for the first time in 2 years was OH-SO-EXCITING! But I forgot "he" would visit sometimes soon, so I was totally unprepared and felt offguard when he did make an unexpected visit to my home. Basically, after yesterday I stocked up on chocolate and hot cocoa mixes!
Unfortunately, with this nasty little friend showing up, it was also our family portrait day at Preston's parish! They have a pictorial directory and staff members get a nifty gift card that allowed us to purchase free photos! Yes, dear family members, I thought of you and order BUNCHES of photographs that you will be receiving as part of your Christmas gifts! But I will say, my babies look soooo cute together for a sibling shot! And I am overall pleased...although completely unearthed by how much those darn things cost! Anywhooooo
Today has been very exciting for a few reasons! A) Bella is learning how to color! So she has been busy making crayon drawings for Mommy to send to relatives.... B) I finally figured out how to hook up her LeapFrog Puppy to my computer and now it sings songs that have her name on it. She LOVES it! Thanks Great Grandma Ellie for the very special gift! It's even more loved now that it knows her name!!! And thankfully Teigan has been great with the gift of sleep for me today as I have done more cleaning and chasing Bella around our home (with her fists full of crayons!). Now it is on to bigger things like figuring out Christmas gifts for family members and praying for Addison's football team to do great this weekend! Here are some pics!

Bella with the Puppy Grandma Ellie bought her a while back... now Bella won't put it down!
My little artist... please note she likes to take off one sock and color.

Teigan sleeping through it all
Bella at Daddy's work, trying to feed St. Francis of Assisi... she tried to take his bird from him while thrusting her bottle at his head.
At Daddy's work, Bella loves to sniff the candles and put them back in their proper candle holding spot. This is right after the family photo shot!

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