Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Extended Family Christmas

So after we opened our presents, P and I decided we'd take the risk traveling through a blizzard storm to be with our extended family over the holidays. We really wanted to present our gifts to our secret santas, Cameron and Makensie, as well as Skylar and Landon. So we prayed our rosary as we treked to Fargo, where we had a fun time with our extended family! We were very blest with being able to stay at our family's home and it was quite snuggly with 16 busy bodies at the Allex household. It was fun! Everyone is so great! Here are some pics of our adventure!
B's face: terrified for the snow "Why are we in the car Mommy?!?!"
T loves sitting with Great-Grandpa Ed
B with Auntie Skylar, B loved every minute of play time with her aunties and uncles
Great shot of Great-Grandma Ellie, T, and me
B loved her Baby from Great-Grandparents. Her name is Lucy!
I love this pic of P consoling B after we attempted to put to her bed. She is clinging to Lucy!
T with Grandpa Grant
B with her Lucy and the awesome stroller Uncle/Godfather Addison got her!
True miracle of Christmas: the sippy cup B actually uses! Thanks Auntie Kensie
Yes, car in the back is ours... and yes it is almost completely covered by the blizzarding snow
Great Grandparents with the great-grandbabies
The Large Allex family with the small Allex family and the small Miller family! Thanks Grandpa Ed for taking the picture!
Love and God bless, Kym

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